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The Vecom group was founded in 1953. A family owned company, Vecom offers their customers a great variety of products and services in cleaning & maintenance of metal surfaces.

Vecom manufactures treatment, maintenance & Cleaning products in Massluis (The Nethelands) and Dietzanbach (Germany). These products are used in both the industrial and marine markets and are distributed by Vecom and their distribution partners worldwide.

In India, the SHM Group is proud to provide you with the quality of Vecom products, which have been specified for India’s environment and working conditions. If you have any questions please talk to us about our full range of products and we will be happy to discuss how we can continue to be a value adding supplier to your business.


Combined Boiler Water Conditioner

Code : 56284 (25 ltr Can)

A one-product treatment for all auxiliary boilers including waste heat, and exhaust gas boilers. it prevents scale formation, inhibits corrosion and conditions sludge.


Boiler Water Conditioner

Code : 56298 (25 ltr Can)

Added to the boiler water to maintain optimum phosphate level, which prevents calcium and magnesium hardness salts formation. The precipitate can be removed by blow-down.


Boiler Water Conditioner

Code : 56195 (25 ltr Can)

Added to the boiler water to maintain optimum alkalinity level to prevent corrosion. Due to this, Ca and Mg hardness salts cannot form and the precipitate is removed by blow-down.


Oxygen Scavenger

Code : 56800 (25 ltr Can)

Used for rapid removal of oxygen in boiler feed water and condensate systems, which prevents corrosion. It is the alternative for hazardous and potentially carcinogenic products.


Organic Boiler Water Treatment

Code : 56279 (25 ltr Can)

Special blended low molecular weight compounds that elevate boiler water pH to levels, which reduce corrosion. It also prevents under deposit corrosion caused by excess alkalinity.


Oil and Sludge Conditioner

Code : 55252 (25 ltr Can)

Used to prevent formation of adherent deposits and sticky sludge in boilers,which are then removed by normal blow-down. It can also be used in the event of an oil contamination.


Steam and Condensate Conditioner

Code : 56296 (25 ltr Can)

Injected into the condensate pump to prevent corrosion in steam and condensate lines.It’s also used to protect idle boilers from corrosion. It neutralizes acidic conditions in condensate systems and volatilizes with steam.


Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor

Code : 56093(25 ltr Can)

Provides an effective anodic inhibitor treatment and protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It deposits a microscopic protective film on surfaces and has built-in pH buffering compounds. It controls formation of hard scale deposits.


Prevention of scale in Evaporators

Code : 56150(25 ltr Can)

Used in both high and low pressure evaporators to prevent foaming, carry-over and scale formation. It’s safe to use where distillate is used for drinking purposes. It prevents scale formation and avoids the need for acid descaling.

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